Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Ok. I have not been using Blogger to its full potential. I am not really a social network person, and don't revolve myself around Internet websites to explain what I am constantly doing and letting everyone aware of this.

I know this Blogger account, is trying to describe what I am doing, as a student of Wolverhampton University - BUT - a big but, I mainly remind myself to do the actual physical work that is given to us. Week by week, as a student we are given work to produce and to show next week. Having other modules makes blogging simply hard.

...I shouldn't think about other students who have posted on their blog constantly, and time sufficiently, when the work is given, because everyone is different.

I really like Blogger, the more and more times I use it. It's easy, and quite fun to express and tell people what I have been doing.

Here's a promise to keep updating my Blogger constantly! *crosses fingers and toes*

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