Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Folder Work for Branding in Context

This is the folder that I have produced, whilst creating my viral video.

Handwriting Research

I have taken a book out the library, that relate to my theme of "handwriting". In this book, it shows a few poster designs that have been made.

Campaign Poster Ideas

Logo Ideas

Identity Pallette


500 Word Campaign

Why choose Handwriting?
Handwriting, has been a “common tool” that has been taught to each one of us, from early childhood that we will use throughout our lives. Whether we know it or not, but handwriting is such a powerful source of communication skill and what I think we take for granted. Handwriting is something that makes us all stand out as individuals. How many people do you know that have similar handwriting as yourself? Handwriting comes in many forms, and many people’s personalities make it different from anyone else’s.

We take handwriting for granted. With so many various ways of communicating, handwritten notes, letters…”messages” have been slowly taken over by recent technology. The likes of text messages, emails and even talking to each other on the Internet, using a form of messaging service sways people into forgetting all about handwriting. Even though the argument lies between what is easier and quicker, non-handwriting loses the battle. But even so, handwriting is personal.

Handwriting is a very personal thing. We see things, for example, “e-cards” that people can purchase from the Internet; to send to loved ones for their Birthday, etc. This is very blunt and not very personal at all.  The idea behind handwriting is that it makes it personal. The receiver who would get a card from a loved one, in a handwritten form, is made to feel that there has been effort being made. Effort and devotion comes across in a personal note within the card. This is one of the reasons for why handwriting should be brought to attention, and should be used a lot more.

Can we bring a light to handwriting, and make it more creative in today’s society? Handwriting is something that shows creativeness and imagination. Within handwriting, we can create many designs that use colour, depth and the way we use it on screen/paper. People should be notified, that before common technology such as laptops and mobile phones, font was created by hand. This shows the amount of effort and dedication that it took to create and this allows people to be more hands on and allow their creativeness flow.

Handwriting shouldn’t be a chore. Handwriting should be fun and done without any problems. In an ideal world, we would have pen pals and diaries that we could all write in, which makes handwriting a strong base form. Having this idea, I would create a campaign that emphasises this.

How to do this is easy, as I will research other materials/sources of handwritten text. After creating a name for my campaign, I will think of ideas that relate to “personal writing”. I will look for campaigns that have a handwritten feel to it, and therefore choose text that has a handwritten skill. This campaign would be targeted for young and elder people. This is because I want both sets of age groups to be involved and to be aware of handwriting more.

Handwriting is the way to the future. Why should we all be labelled the same, when handwriting shows off our personalities? 

Final Poster Design

Here is my final poster design that I have created, to promote the BA (Hons) Graphic Communication course.

Used Photoshop to create this (obviously) and used a variety of layers and effects on it also, to create a different and some what eye catching design.

Branding Poster Mock-ups

These are 3 designs that I have created from looking at my research and taking my own pictures.

Poster Folder progress

These are a few pages from my folder that I have produced so far.

They show what strap lines I will be using in my poster and the images that I have taken and will use.

Poster Research

I have been trying to collect some research that will help me create the poster for Branding. I am looking at a few poster designers and preferably those who work in black and white.

Poster Design Ideas

Whilst researching poster designers, I am trying to create a few ideas that I have taken from the artists. They are quite similar to the origin designs, but this is a starting point of what I can create.

Viral Research

Here are a list of viral videos that I have watched and taken inspiration from.

  • - Cenral Saint Martins Viral
  • - Durex "Vinyl' Viral
  • - P&G Lonon 2012 Olympics

500 Word Proposal

Below is my 500 word proposal that I will be doing for my journal in the Critical and Contextual Issues in Art and Design module.

I propose to create a journal about a certain subject that will interest me and make me gain much more information about it. What I am trying to discover is related to my essay that I did. The main subject is focusing on “Contextualising Horror”. The reason why I have decided to stay with this subject, not only does it interest me (which is the biggest and most crucial reason) but for the fact that there are many different angles and directions that I can go with this subject. Why would I propose to create a journal that I wouldn’t get much out of? Out of personal interest and for others to read?

The aspect, for which I am looking into, is how the media and the general public take to seeing images that may contain fear, disgust and horrific casualties. This helps in explaining a lot about the effect of how visuals contain a lot of emotion. Whether or not these visuals know they do this, every visual has some sort of effect. The type of images I will use will vary, from images of war, pieces of artwork, packaging and even viral videos that emphasise a lot of visuals.

I will create a basis for my journal by numerous comparisons with a variety of images. These images, as said will vary and hopefully relate to each other. Overall, with these images, I can create a strong argument and conclusion to my journal.

The overall view of my journal will show the journey of images used throughout time. These will be from images of war to recent images that are shown around the world today. The conclusion of this journal is too able to identify how these images affect people. A strong ratio of psychology will be used and referenced throughout all this. The question of, “What is the effect of Media Psychology” will be based on this entire journal.

To start off my journal, I shall produce information that I have gathered already and reference where I have got it (Harvard Referencing). I will also include weekly tasks from this Critical and Contextual Issues and Art and Design module that have helped me gather my research. In between all this work, I shall create arguments and explain why I have chosen the selected images and explain my main idea of the journal. Constant reminders of why I am doing this journal will create a better reading of my journal.

This journal is focally based on “Contextualising Horror” and I have added an emphasis of visuals as the main idea. Hopefully throughout it all, it will make sense and an idea of why I have found this so interesting. The main reason I find it interesting is because there are many different people in this world, and they all have different reactions to what the see. This is the main reason why art and design is a powerful study. To analysis these reactions, it will definitely help me find out how the media take on these images and how the audience respond.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Final Mailer!

This is an image of my final mailer that I have created.

I have followed the design fully and this is the outcome.

Combined with the research and the overall idea of my mailer, it should hopefully make sense!

Bon appetit!

Above shows the JPEG image of the net that I have created for my final mailer design.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Mock Ups of Final

This is just a rough mock up of how big my final mailer will look. This show the packaging that I made with paper.

Sunday, 8 January 2012


More research for my Critical & Contextual Issues in Art & Design, including books on world wars and catastrophes.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Updated Logo

Below show the old and then improved logo design that I have created, to symbolise and update Wolverhampton.

The main criteria of my logo was about "communities". Even though the old logo had a figure in the middle of it, I decided that it didn't really represent the communities that lie within Wolverhampton. It also felt a bit childish and non-professional.

Above is the new logo. It shows that I have taken the W's from the old logo and used it in my new one. I have also used the circular shapes from the older logo and redeveloped it. These circles act as the different "communities" that are in Wolverhampton. 

Hopefully the final logo looks OK!